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Madelyn Hadel

Denver, CO

I’m Madelyn, some people call me Madi! I’m known around these parts as a professional word wrangler, marketing enthusiast, and scroll-stopping digital designer. My diverse background in marketing & SEO means that I’m driven to create content that actually converts! I’m based in Denver, Colorado but work with clients worldwide.

When I’m not creating digital content then you can likely find me tucked away with my sewing machine stitching up sustainable clothing for my brand, Rebellelion. I’ve had the opportunity to show collections in Denver Fashion Week and my work has been featured in magazines like 5280, 303 Magazine, Outfront, and Bustle. I also love hosting community events like clothing swaps, fashion shows, crafting workshops and outdoor concerts.

Areas of Expertise


I feel like I’ve covered all of my bases but if you really want to know more about my background then read below to get the full scoop. I’ve been fortunate to follow creativity throughout my career and pick up knowledge from some of the industry’s very best.

While studying Graphic Design at Colorado State Univeristy-Pueblo I began working as the university’s Website Manager, tasked with writing event notices for the campus, as well as maintaining a weekly blog about student life. During this time I also wrote DIY crafting and beauty blogs for the online publication, Every College Girl. Following this experience, I took an internship with Rooster Magazine where I wrote a street style column for the publication’s digital edition.

As I progressed through my professional career I joined the Rounded Digital team as a web designer but quickly saw the need to offer copywriting services to our clients. I began collaborating with a diverse range of clients, like medical clinics, restaurants, and engineering software companies, to write their web copy and marketing content. This experience refined my approach to market research, as well as gave me invaluable experience working closely with my clients to understand their unique offerings and translate those intentions into beautifully written copy.

Following a new opportunity, I transitioned to a role as the Digital Content Manager for Luckyleo Dancewear. During my years with Luckyleo I was in charge of their social media presence with an audience over 100k. I wrote copy for collection launches, email campaigns, product descriptions, social media captions, and maintained their blog.

When the COVID pandemic changed the professional landscape I decided to focus on honing my craft as a freelance copywriter. This career transition has allowed me to widen my reach and explore new avenues of copywriting. I’m proud to have written for clients like Twilio, BrüMate, The Streamlined Studio, and countless others. I am represented by the agency 24 Seven Talent.

My interest in photography rooted from my obsession with fashion as I loved getting lost in the whimsical worlds of haute editorials. I began orchestrating elaborate shoots with my friends while in high school, then began photographing student life and events for my university’s website during my time at Colorado State University-Pueblo. While completing a graphic design internship in 2011 I took a job as a photographer at a local portrait studio. This experience was foundational in learning how to pose clients organically while understanding the necessity to authentically interact with my clients in order to nail the best shots. Following this experience, I began photographing street style for Rooster Magazine.

In 2015 I took a role as a contract photographer with the largest boudoir agency in the country, CYS. I continue to shoot with them to this day and I’ve had the privilege of photographing clients in cities nationwide from Boston to Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis, and Las Vegas.

In 2021 I joined the team at Professional Product Photography as a photographer and stylist for on-white and lifestyle ecommerce products. I love shooting for this studio because I get to experiment with photographing a range of products that each boasts their own challenges for me to overcome. I’m proud to have worked with clients like Michael’s and The Spinster Sisters

I’ve leased a private studio in Denver for the past 5 years and the dreamy sunlight that pours through my giant window has been my main muse as I have explored fine art portraiture. As cheesy as it sounds, my photos are love letters to my subjects and I revel in the opportunity to photograph my friends and family. I thrive from any opportunity to photograph the special moments in life, like pregnancy, weddings, and family gatherings. I appreciate my community’s support as an independent photographer.

I began my formal education studying Graphic Design at Colorado State University – Pueblo, where I also worked as the Website Manager for the university. I was in charge of managing website updates, creating digital banners, and running the student blog.

I began my professional career with a graphic design internship at a female-founded agency based in Denver called Graphik Creative that was focused on designing marketing materials, like brochures, mailers, and business cards. In 2015, I started my own sustainable clothing brand called Rebellelion, which was an avenue for my first exploration in web design and social media content creation. In 2018 I joined the team at Rounded Digital as a front-end web designer, before transitioning to a role as the Digital Content Manager at the custom dancewear giant, Luckyleo Dancewear. 

As the COVID pandemic affected businesses nationwide, I pivoted towards a freelance-focused career. I now have the opportunity to design for major businesses and independent creators alike. I continue to craft my skills and explore web design, like building this very website you are browsing right now!

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